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Indulge us in a metaphor.

Imagine a gigantic mall. Not a mall with hundreds of stores and roller coaster. That's puny. Imagine a mall the size of Texas. We're talking about millions of unique stores, and millions of unique things to see and do. As you can imagine, the mall is a huge attraction and gets millions of visitors each day.

You've heard rumors about people in your business setting up shop in this mall and making a killing, so you pay them a visit. The shop is decent. It's pretty clean, the decorations are nice, and the product is tolerably good. But as you walk out you can't help but think how much better you could do. You could decorate better, merchandise better, and your product is genuinely superior.

You decide to take the plunge!

… 6 months later you haven't seen hardly any business as a result of being in the mall. Sure, a few people have come by the store, but they are mostly people you met outside the mall and told them to come by for a visit.

Fortunately, rent is cheap, so you're ok from a cash flow perspective. But you'd really like to start seeing a return on the money you put into designing and merchandising your store. You start talking to other store owners, and find out that most of them are in the same boat you are. But talking to a few successful store owners from other industries, you learn something new and valuable. Because the mall is so huge, people get overwhelmed if they try to find things on their own. So companies have sprung up whose purpose is to help people find what they want in the mall. These companies have different approaches to the task.

Understanding the different approaches.

Some of them are like information desks at. They ask confused shoppers what they want. Based on their knowledge of the mall, they'll recommend the stores that they think are best. Most people are happy with 1 or 2 recommendations. If not, the information desk is prepared to recommend hundreds of stores. The information desk will accept money from stores who want to be higher in the recommendations, but they make it clear to shoppers which companies they really think are best and which companies have paid. If you want to get people to come to your store, you'd better convince the information desk that you're the best in your business.

One surprising source of traffic is the food court operators. Tons and tons of people eat at the food courts every day. In addition to providing a meal, the food course operators listen to the conversations of their patrons. They start to get a really good sense of the things that people are actively looking to buy, and also things that people might buy if they knew about them. As they hand out the food, they make gentle recommendations. Like the information desks, food court operators have a list of stores they really think are the best, but will also accept payment to recommend other companies.

Lastly, there are attraction construction companies. These companies help stores become more than "simple" stores. They build playgrounds at toy stores, go-kart tracks at car stores, and thousands of other attractions designed to appeal to potential customers of a given business. These attractions generate foot traffic because people tell their friends, they get media coverage, and more.

After finding out about these companies, you realize you've got some work to do. You're annoyed that you misjudged the ease of doing business in the mall, but you're relieved that with a little more investment you can start to cash in on the traffic the mall gets.

Translation please.

As you might have guessed, the mall is the internet and the stores are websites. The information desks are the search engines. The food court operators are the social media sites. And the mall attraction companies are skilled web developers. So once again:

Please, please, please let us tell you how SEO can help you and why our Arizona SEO services rock the casbah.

Or let the most sagacious Arizona social media marketing agency (that's us) teach you how social media can enlighten your top line.

Or let's talk a little bit more regarding how our Phoenix web development services can turn your site into a happening place.

That's all folks!

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